Thursday, July 13, 2006

You got questions? I've got answers!

When I was young and learning to play guitar, I had a million questions. I couldn't ask my guitar teacher because that would have used up all my lesson time. There weren't many other guitar players around to ask. There weren't any guitar magazines available for info. "Guitar Player" magazine started when I was in my teens, and I used to read every issue cover-to-cover. I also subscribed to "Sing Out" magazine.

I also enjoyed receiving monthly newsletters from major used guitar stores such as Gruhn Guitars in Nashville and Guitar Trader in Red Bank, NJ. I drooled over all the fancy guitars that were played by the pros, and then sat down and practiced on my Sears Silvertone guitar and amp.

When I started playing in bands, I was lucky to find work, because no one in the band knew how to put on a professional show. My father helped us select songs when we played for adult nightclubs, and his choice was remarkably good.

I created this blog as an extension of my web site, While is primarily for promoting myself and my music, this blog is where I hope to be able to answer questions, give advice and guide the musical careers of any musician at any level that wishes to ask for my opinion. Feel welcome to ask about equipment, lessons, practicing, song selection, playing technique, accessories, or anything at all. I am here for you - I am on your side, and I've been there before, right where you are now.

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