Thursday, April 16, 2009

Equipment Notes - Part 8

One more amp I would like to comment on is my Jay Turser Classic 25RC. I saw it in a music store and bought it because it was so darn cute. It had a certain "vibe" that was a cross between a retro-reissue and a boutique amp. After I bought it, I found out it had a great sound, and at 25 watts (solid state), it even had enough power for small gigs. The thing sounded so good, I even used it on large outdoor shows and stuck an SM57 in front of it. And it is sooo light!

The Jay Turser Classic 25RC guitar amp is a solid state (transistor) 25 Watt combo amp with a 10" Celestion speaker, reverb and chorus, and an attractive retro cabinet with a wood front and cream tweed back and sides. The hardware is gold plated, not chrome! It has two channels (clean and drive) switchable with a push button on the amp control panel. Controls include overdrive and master, volume, treble, middle, bass as well as reverb level and chorus speed and depth with bypass. There is also a line out for recording and a headphone jack for private practice.

Here are two photos of the amp:


At 3:09 PM, Anonymous michel said...

I went to an antique store here in Abq NM with the wife , and she tells me she found something , it was a Jay Turner Classic 25 amp in perfect shape for $100, Ok the tweed and wood front caught my eye. So I asked the guys at the store if I could make sure it worked they thought I was crazy but said sure, another booth had an electric so I plugged in and did some delta blues , yeah it worked fine and it was fun seeing their eyes pop and mouths drop as I pulled off some slow blues licks. Got it home set it next to my tweed nos blues jr grabbed my 70 Strat and played ... Nice amp good sound & tone for a solid state happy with the price, look, and sound , reberb is good enough for Dick Dale and the drive not bad as long as it isn't cranked up . saw your comment and had to add my 30cents worth . I'm a tube amp guy since 1964 but this is a little gem . Happy trails


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